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Professional Standards Committee Training Held in Salt Lake City

A three-day training session for NATCA’s Professional Standards (PS) Committee members was held last month in Salt Lake City, Utah, at Salt Lake City (ZLC). The training, held Dec. 12-14, focused on enhancing the skills and knowledge of the PS committee members.

“Going through Professional Standards training again allowed me to expand my knowledge of familiar concepts with a different perspective,” Sanjeev Vistarakula (Roanoke ATCT, ROA), the Virginia PS District Chair, said. “Although the core principles of the Professional Standards Program (PSP) remain the same, the material was more interesting and engaging due to the various ways they were conceptualized.”

The PSP has evolved, Vistarakula said, through feedback from committee members working in the field. “This allows the PSP to give back to the Professional Standards Committee members by providing them with more tools to continue addressing conflicts at the lowest level possible. This process ultimately encourages teamwork and enhances safety,” Vistarakula said.

“Being a member of a team dedicated to maintaining a standard of professionalism in the safest NAS in the world is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life,” Nicholas Wallace (Memphis ATCT, MEM), the PS Memphis District Chair, said. “Being involved in the training was as humbling as it was revitalizing.”

The training was conducted by experienced PS instructors Lydia Baune (Spokane ATCT, GEG), Patrick Carter (Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON, D10), and Chris Keyes (Washington Center, ZDC). The Professional Standards Committee plays a crucial role in ensuring the highest levels of professionalism and safety within the NAS. The recent training in Salt Lake City is a testament to their ongoing commitment to excellence and continuous improvement for our Union and profession. Learn more about PS here.

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