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Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg Visits Raleigh-Durham ATCT

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg toured Raleigh-Durham ATCT (RDU) on Dec. 11. The tour, led by RDU FacRep Nick Stott, highlighted the airport’s operational aspects and infrastructure.

Secretary Pete’s visit was comprehensive, focusing on the condition of the airport and air traffic facilities. He expressed particular interest in the tower building, inquiring about the maintenance of the roof, the functionality of the elevators, and the HVAC system.

The tour wasn’t just about the physical aspects of the airport. Secretary Pete made a special effort to engage with the air traffic controllers, taking the time to greet each member personally and shake their hands.

“Secretary Pete’s visit today not only gave us the opportunity to highlight our facility’s condition, but it was well-received by the staff, who appreciated the recognition of their hard work and dedication,” Stott said. “It’s reassuring to see our work recognized at such a high level.”

The tour at RDU serves as a reminder of nationwide efforts needed to improve aviation infrastructure and the vital role of the professionals who work in, manage, and maintain the National Airspace System’s critical facilities.

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