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NATCA Welcomes Dan McCabe as Southern Regional Vice President

NATCA has announced the appointment of Dan McCabe (Atlanta Center, ZTL) as the new Southern Regional Vice President (RVP) starting Dec. 1, 2023. Following the provisions of Article IV, Section 7 of the NATCA National Constitution, NATCA President Rich Santa appointed McCabe as the new Southern RVP, with the National Executive Board (NEB) giving unanimous approval. Dan McCabe assumed the role upon the retirement of the former Southern RVP Jim Marinitti at the end of November.

McCabe’s FAA career began in 2005, with the entirety of his time spent at ZTL. His work in NATCA started shortly after, taking on the role of Facility Safety Representative from 2008 to 2012.

McCabe’s commitment to safety and his active involvement in local Air Traffic Safety Action Program (ATSAP) facilitation, workgroups, and negotiations laid the foundation for his subsequent election as ZTL FacRep. Serving three consecutive terms as FacRep, McCabe demonstrated leadership during challenging times, including the 2019 government shutdown and the 2020 global pandemic.

Elevating his activism to the regional level, McCabe served as the Southern Region’s Alternate RVP under Jim Marinitti. He has contributed significantly to NATCA through the Labor Relations team and the Onboarding Committee, and has shaped future NATCA leadership as an instructor for the foundational and advanced leadership courses.

NATCA’sNational Executive Board anticipates McCabe will continue his exemplary service and dedication for the last 18 years in his new role as RVP for the Southern Region.

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