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Professional Standards Committee Training Elevates Excellence in Seattle

A comprehensive three-day training session for Professional Standards Committee (PSC) members was hosted at Seattle TRACON (S46) Jan. 9-11, drawing participants from across the country to learn skills to enhance their commitment to professionalism and integrity.

The training brought together a diverse group of NATCA members and representatives, all dedicated to upholding the highest standards of conduct within the profession. Through the program, attendees were equipped with vital interpersonal tools to effectively address and resolve workplace issues, foster a positive work environment, and enhance teamwork.

Veronica Torres (Greensboro ATCT, GSO) serves as the PSC Charlotte District Chair, and emphasized the program’s positive effect: “The Professional Standards Program helps inspire peers within our profession to maintain a high bar for professionalism, keeps issues at the lowest levels, and also provides second chances for people to learn and grow.” She highlighted the importance of the training in inspiring attendees to conduct themselves with integrity and excellence.

Andrew Commons (Kahului ATCT, OGG) shared his appreciation for the training’s practical benefits: “The Professional Standards Committee member training was useful in providing the interpersonal tools for me to help my facility,” Commons said. “It was uplifting to see how many people across the Agency share my passion for a healthy work environment and are willing to put in the work to maintain that.”

The event was led by the PSC team of experienced instructorsLydia Baune (Spokane ATCT, GEG), Patrick Carter (Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON, D10), and Chris Keyes (Washington Center, ZDC), who collectively brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the training sessions.

Participants of the training were:
Aaron Williams (Paine Field, PAE)
Andrew Commons (Kahului Tower, OGG)
Caitlin Bellini (Potomac TRACON, PCT)
Chase Albright (San Juan CERAP, ZSU)
Corey Farr (Laurence G. Hanscom Field, BED)
Donte Marzett (Dallas Love Field, DAL)
Frank Herr (Indianapolis Center, ZID)
Jessica Randall (Seattle Center, ZSE & ZSE Facility Chair)
Jessica Troxel (Memphis Center, ZME)
Joe Laporte (Seattle TRACON, S46)
Kristi Perigo (Kansas City Center, ZKC)
Kyle Hoover (Seattle TRACON, S46 & Seattle District Chair)
Lakecia Shuron (Redding Tower, RDD)
Ligaya Corbitt (Seattle Center, ZSE & Seattle District Chair Mentee)
Mark Rausch (Enid Woodring Regional, ENM & Region X ARVP)
Pat Sullivan (Boston Tower, BOS)
Sean Duncan (Sacramento Tower, SMF)
Veronica Torres (Greensboro Tower, GSO & Charlotte District Chair)

Learn more about the PSC and future trainings here.

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