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Historical Committee on a Mission to Preserve NATCA’s Legacy

The NATCA Historical Committee (NHC) met on Dec. 14-15, 2023, at the National Office in Washington. The Committee is charged with the exclusive purpose of cataloging, documenting, and archiving the official history of the Union.

“Our group of dedicated members reviewed its achievements for 2023 among other items,” NHC Chair Ryan Herrick said. “From the creation of a timeline on display at the 2023 Convention to revamping the committee charter, to digitization of the newsletters from the beginning of NATCA, 2024 is looking to be just as promising with further outreach from the NHC.”

The Committee also welcomed two new mentees Kristen McTee (Kansas City ATCT, MCI) and Jim Fuhrman (Fort Smith ATCT, FSM, retired) and said goodbye to two long time members leaving the committee, Curt Howe (Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region, ENM, retired) and Elaine Poe (Fort Worth ARTCC, ZFW, retired).

“Walking in the NHC storage closet in the National Office was such a surreal experience,” McTee said. “It was so fun and awe-inspiring to be surrounded by mementos and documents from all facets of our Union’s history.”

You can find more information, including archived newsletters and previous NATCA Convention history here https://www.natca.org/nhc/ 

Pictured Left to Right:
Clint Lancaster (NAL RVP), Kristena Jones (ZDC), Kristen McTee (MCI), Della Swartz retired EAL), Kelly Moeller (ZMP), Elaine Poe (retired ZFW), Aaron Wilt (ZDC), and Chair Ryan Herrick (M98)
Not pictured Sam Navarro (SEA), Curt Howe (ENM), and Jim Fuhrman (retired FSM)

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