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NATCA’s 2024 Call to Action: Retirees Lead Election Charge with Boots on the Ground

In a continuation of effective legislative activism, NATCA has announced the return of the Boots on the Ground (BOTG) program for the 2024 election. This initiative, a cornerstone of our Union’s political activities since 2008, is seeking retired members ready to dive in, full-time, from late spring or early summer.

The program aims to harness the dedication and expertise of these retired members, offering them comprehensive training before assigning them to pivotal geographic areas. Their mission: to spearhead the BOTG program’s efforts on the ground, ensuring its success in the critical months leading up to Election Day on November 5, 2024.

Candidates for this program are expected to be politically driven, with a fervent belief in the labor movement’s significance. They must be ready to commit four to seven months to this cause, embracing extensive travel and leveraging their technological savvy and leadership skills. Their role requires both adherence to the broader structure of the Labor 2024 program and the agility to adapt as needed.

Participants will be compensated as independent contractors, not NATCA employees, receiving a monthly stipend alongside travel and lodging expenses, adhering to NATCA’s Expense Reimbursement Policy. They will be responsible for their own taxes, with all expenses needing proper documentation.

Interested retired members are urged to apply before the March 8, 2024, deadline. Selections will be made by NATCA’s National Executive Board. For inquiries, contacts include National Legislative Committee Chair David Skarphol and BOTG Program Manager Tom Thompson. Selected participants will receive further instructions from Thompson by May 31, 2024, marking the beginning of their journey to make a significant impact in the 2024 election through NATCA’s BOTG program.

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