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NATCA Leaders Visit Hagerstown FCT (HGR)

NATCA President Rich Santa, alongside Eastern (NEA) Regional Vice President (RVP) Brian Shallenberger and NEA Alternate RVP Mike Christine, made a visit to Hagerstown Federal Contract Tower (HGR) on Jan. 2. The visit was hosted by HGR FacRep Larry Reed with the purpose of engaging with the dedicated NATCA members working at HGR.

During their visit, the NATCA leaders were briefed on the pressing challenges confronting the facility, chiefly aging infrastructure — a problem not unique to HGR but prevalent across many Federal Contract Towers (FCTs) and other facilities nationwide. The discussions underscored the urgent need for modernization to ensure the continued safety and efficiency of air traffic operations.

“The commitment and resilience of our members at Hagerstown and across the nation are the backbone of our National Airspace System,” Santa said. “I want to extend a special thank you to Larry Reed and all the proud NATCA members of HGR for their integral role within NATCA and their invaluable contribution to our airspace system, reaffirming the strength of our community and the importance of our collective mission.”

Learn more about HGR here.

Pictured left to right: Santa, Reed, Shallenberger

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