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Congratulations to Our Newest FacReps!

‌The NATCA Onboarding Committee welcomes and thanks all new NATCA leaders who have recently taken office for their terms as FacReps at their local facilities:

Central Region
Larry Rihanek (St. Louis ATCT, STL)
Joe Syfert (Springfield ATCT, SGF)

Eastern Region
Paul Duris (Erie ATCT, ERI)
Justin Hink (Albany ATCT, ALB)
Jeremy Polhamus (Binghamton ATCT, BGM)
Gary Saladine (Caldwell ATCT, CDW)
Aaron Simpson (Elmira TRACAB, ELM)
Eric Vonderlinn (Wilkes-Barre ATCT, AVP)

Great Lakes Region
Shawn Brant (Springfield ATCT, SPI)
Rachel Gilmore (Indianapolis Center, ZID)
Dylan Oliver (Pontiac ATCT, PTK)
David Riefer (Palwaukee ATCT, PWK)

New England Region
Anthony Damitio (Groton FCT, GON)
Michael Di Falco (Boston ATCT, BOS)

Northwest Mountain Region
William Berg (Denver TRACON, D01)
Pamela Butler (Colorado Springs ATCT, COS)
Riley Powell (Pueblo ATCT, PUB)

Southern Region
John Bonner (Pompano Beach FCT, PMP)
Patrick Brown (Space Coast FCT, TIX)
Joshua Jovene (Mobile ATCT, MOB)
Patrick Morgan (Standiford ATCT, SDF)
Areil Smith (Knoxville ATCT, TYS)
Patrick Shields (Atlanta Center, ZTL)

Southwest Region
Michael Beeler (Shreveport Downtown FCT, DTN)
Larry Bell (Fort Worth Center, ZFW)
Aaron Braddock (Houston TRACON, I90)
Dillon Burgess (Lake Charles ATCT, LCH)
Andrew Karkiewicz (Tulsa ATCT, TUL)
Jared Martin (Lubbock ATCT, LBB)
Alvin Osborne (Waco ATCT, ACT)
Andreas Sanchez (Dallas-Fort Worth ATCT, DFW)
Kenneth Sims (Beaumont ATCT, BPT)
Roy Strassner (Farmington ATCT, FMN)
Alfred Webster (Webb Field FCT, TXK)
Paul Valenstein (Midland ATCT, MAF)
Kristie Vasquez (Lee County Hobbs FCT, HOB)

Western Pacific Region
Caitlan Aubertin (Palomar ATCT, CRQ)
Kali Cole (San Jose ATCT, SJC)
Alyssa Costas (Tucson ATCT, TUS)
Yusuf Falahchay (Tuscon TRACON, U90)
Chason Mcfarland (Monterey ATCT, MRY)
Robert Pierce (Los Alamitos ATCT, SLI)
Craig Swearingen (Livermore ATCT, LVK)
Wayne Young (Reid-Hillview ATCT, RHV)

Region X
Ryan Feil (Engineer/Alaska Region, EAL)

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