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NATCA Leaders Visit Indianapolis ATCT

NATCA President Rich Santa attended a special union membership meeting at Indianapolis ATCT (IND), along with Regional Vice President (RVP) Drew MacQueen, earlier this month. The Great Lakes leadership team was present, including Alternate RVPs Brian White (Cleveland Center, ZOB), Don Von Almen (Chicago TRACON, C90), and Dan Carrico (Chicago O’Hare ATCT, ORD), along with Retired Indianapolis Center (ZID) FacRep Marc Schneider.

Discussion during the meeting highlighted leadership wins over the last year for IND local and how NATCA’s strength comes together to serve all its members.

IND FacRep Tyler Height and Santa presented former IND FacRep Gene Kirk with the IND Controller of the Year award during the meeting. Every year IND NATCA members vote for their peers to recognize an outstanding fellow member of the local.

Santa spoke with the IND members for nearly two hours at the meeting, providing a chance for members to ask questions and engage with the Union’s national leadership.

“It was a great opportunity for the local membership to get to see the big picture of all things NATCA and inside details from politics and planning moving forward,” Height said. “This visit went a long way to frame the members’ knowledge of what NATCA can be and what NATCA is doing for the membership pressing forward.”

Pictured left to right: Height, Santa, Kirk.

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