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U.S. Rep Mike Carey Tours Columbus ATCT

U.S. Rep. Mike Carey (Ohio-15), accompanied by his District Director Blaine Kelly, visited Columbus ATCT (CMH) on Jan. 29 for a tour provided by Albert Navarro, CMH’s Legislative Representative. The visit was Carey’s first time seeing an air traffic facility. Expressing fascination with air traffic control operations, Carey emphasized his commitment to advocating for improved pay and stable funding for the FAA.

“Air traffic controllers have a tough job and Congress needs to ensure they have the resources necessary to keep our airspace safe,” Carey said in a post about the visit on social media.

“The first issue he brought up to us is that he recognizes we are not paid enough for what we do,” Navarro said. “We were also able to convey the dire situation the air traffic organization is in with staffing levels, projections, and hiring pitfalls. The mutual goal of stable and predictable funding is something he is striving for, and reassured us that he will not support legislation that would shut down the government.”

Navarro expressed NATCA’s gratitude to Carey for his support for our members.

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Pictured left to right: CMH Operations Manager Alex Tussey, CMH FacRep Benjamin Hudak, Carey, Navarro, CMH Air Traffic Manager Stephanie Malody

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