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NATCA Arizona Members Join in Successful Girls in Aviation Day at Mesa Falcon Field Airport

The skies over Arizona were not just clear and blue, but also full of inspiration and aspiration as Mesa Falcon Field Airport hosted the state’s second Girls in Aviation Day late last year. With an impressive turnout of around 350 attendees, the event aimed to encourage young women to explore and pursue careers in aviation.

Participants from across the state, including those from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway FCT (IWA), Scottsdale ATCT (SDL), Falcon Field ATCT (FFZ), and Phoenix TRACON (P50), gathered at the Mesa venue for a day packed with activities, educational booths, and networking opportunities. The event underscored the importance of representation and mentorship in the aviation industry, sectors traditionally dominated by men.

NATCA’s booth was one of the highlights of the day and drew significant interest from attendees. The NATCA booth provided insights into the roles and responsibilities of air traffic controllers, showcasing the critical work they do to ensure the safety and efficiency of air travel.

The event also provided a platform for participants to meet and learn from those who have carved out successful careers in aviation. Among those featured were Jessica Mayer (P50), Julie Zoubul (SDL), Brandon Esquer (P50), Matthew Schorman (P50), and Katelyn Evans (IWA).Their presence and stories served as a powerful testament to the possibilities that lie within the field of aviation for aspiring young women.

For more information on Girls in Aviation Day and to find local events, please visit the Women in Aviation International website.

With each passing year, the hope is that more girls and young women will be inspired to reach for the skies and pursue their dreams in aviation, contributing to a richer, more diverse field.

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