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New England NATCA Members Benefit from First-Ever Locally Held Representative Training Class

During the week of Feb. 5, NATCA members from the New England region gathered for the inaugural locally-held Representative Training (RT-1) class in Manchester, N.H. This milestone event allowed attendees to enhance their knowledge without the need for extensive travel, fostering stronger ties within the region. New England Regional Vice President Mick Devine expressed gratitude for the opportunity, acknowledging the efforts of Kevin Curtiss (Boston Center, ZBW) and others in bringing this initiative to fruition. The RT-1 class was presented by Nick Daniels (NSW RVP/ZFW), Jamaal Haltom (National Training Representative/LAS), John Bratcher (ARVP NSW/FSM) and Matt Morgan (BOS).

The goal of the RT-1 class is to equip participants with valuable insights, enhancing their effectiveness as representatives. Feedback from attendees highlighted the success of the program, signaling a positive step forward for NATCA members in New England. 

Kevin Curtiss, a former Area Rep at ZBW, reflected on the journey to establish the local RT-1 class, emphasizing the collaborative effort involved in making it a reality.

“During the week, NATCA New England members from Burlington ATCT (BTV), Bedford ATCT (BED), Boston ATCT (BOS), Boston TRACON (A90), Portland ATCT (Maine) (PWM), and ZBW attended the first local RT-1 training class, which was a success on many fronts,” Curtiss said “Our members were educated, our Union grew stronger, and New England demonstrated that there is a different way to train our members. Thank you to everyone who took time away from their families that week to get better.”

The success of the training underscores NATCA’s commitment to providing accessible educational opportunities for its members. Check out more educational opportunities from the NATCA Academy.

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