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Ascending Professional Peaks: Denver Hosts NATCA’s PS Training

NATCA held a three-day training session for its Professional Standards (PS) Committee members at Denver TRACON (D01), from Feb. 6-8. The training was a blend of refresher participation from previously trained members and an induction of new volunteers, all dedicated to upholding NATCA’s commitment to the importance of professionalism and the power of peer-to-peer discussion.

Eric Mauro (Merrill ATCT, MRI) emphasized the broad applicability of the skills acquired during the training.

“Professional Standards training provides not only helpful communication skills for the workplace but also skills to help us succeed in our day-to-day interactions with friends and family,” Mauro said.

“Professional Standards training is the best NATCA class I have attended during my eighteen-year career,” said Sarah Wiza (Yankee TRACON, Y90). “It was inspiring to be with such an amazing group of leaders, both instructors and fellow controllers alike. Professional Standards has made me feel empowered. I know that I will be able to help make real positive change at my facility.”

The training was led by a team of PS instructors, including Lydia Baune from Spokane Tower (GEG), Patrick Carter from Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON (D10), and Chris Keyes from Washington Center (ZDC). Participants included a wide array of NATCA members from across the National Airspace System.

This training underscores NATCA’s ongoing commitment to professional development and excellence, ensuring its members are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate both workplace challenges and personal interactions with integrity and effectiveness.

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