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NATCA Offers Exclusive Sylvan Learning Discounts

In observance of Autism Awareness Month, NATCA is proud to highlight the exclusive discounts on Sylvan Learning’s services provided to our members, with a 15 percent discount off regular rates. Sylvan, known for its personalized tutoring programs, caters to the unique learning styles of each child, offering both in-person and online options.

Sylvan’s approach is particularly accommodating for families with autistic children, offering tailored learning plans, adapting to each student’s pace, and ensuring a frustration-free learning experience. They provide structured sessions that balance guided and independent practice and create a comfortable environment with flexible seating and break options. Sylvan’s commitment to understanding and catering to learning differences makes them a valuable resource for families during Autism Awareness Month and beyond.

For more information on early diagnosis of Autism, please visit the CDC’s guidance on developmental screenings at CDC Autism Screening.

Empower your child’s learning journey with Sylvan’s specialized support. Take advantage of this benefit today and help your child reach their full potential.

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