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NATCA’s Leadership Program LEAP Graduates New Cohort in Glen Rose, Texas

NATCA recently hosted another of its Leadership Experience Acceleration Project (LEAP) in Glen Rose, Texas. LEAP is a cornerstone of NATCA’s commitment to leadership development, and the March class brought representatives from various regions together for a transformative experience.

Anita Johnson (Eugene ATCT, EUG) attended the class and highlighted the high-quality instruction provided by NATCA’s educators. “Such a phenomenal class. I walk away humbled, re-energized, and more self-aware,” Johnson said. “While self-reflection is necessary for growth, it has to include the ability to celebrate the successes and to let go of the things you have no control to change or influence. Both are easier said than done.”

Alex Navarro III, Northwest Mountain RVP and class facilitator, echoed Johnson’s sentiments, expressing admiration for the attendees’ honesty and dedication. “These people were so incredible and inspiring,” Navarro said. “I can’t wait to watch them mold our future.”

The LEAP initiative, which has been shaping NATCA leaders since 2007, is led by Scott Airitam of Leadership Systems, along with Critical Incident Stress Management Committee Head Sarah Grampp (Kansas City Center, ZKC). More than 400 NATCA members have graduated from the program, which remains a vital part of NATCA’s strategy to nurture skilled leaders who will drive the union’s progress into the future.

Participants in the class were (pictured left to right): Navarro, Elijah McDonald (Anchorage Center, ZAN), LeKecia Shuron (Reading ATCT, RDG), Mike Taylor (Columbus ATCT, CMH), Andrew Strunk (Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON, D10), Dean Von Almen (Chicago TRACON, C90), Dan Leipold (Cleveland ATCT, CLE), Anita Johnson (Eugene ATCT, EUG), Lisa Cunningham (Kansas City International Tower, MCI), Drew Buckman (Atlanta ATCT, ATL), Peter LeFevre (Washington Dulles ATCT, IAD), Paul Behan (Jacksonville Center, ZJX), Patrick Carter (Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON, D10), Scott Airitam (LEAP Facilitator), Spencer Meche (Fort Worth Center, ZFW), Grampp (Kansas City Center, ZKC), and Gordon Green (Providence ATCT, PVD).

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