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Child Care Subsidy: Supporting Families and Careers in Aviation

During April, the Month of the Aviation & Aerospace Child, NATCA’s National Child Care Representative Christina Munro Wilcko (Southern California TRACON, SCT) is spotlighting the FAA’s Child Care Subsidy Program, which significantly aids eligible employees in managing child care costs. The program is highlighted for its critical role in supporting employees by providing subsidies for child care services, to include in-home nanny and au pair care to accommodate parents with non-traditional work schedules. This initiative is geared towards permanent, full-time employees with a household income of $100,000 or less and children aged 13 or younger, or disabled children under 18.

The FAA will pay for a percentage of child care costs based on total family income under $100,000 annually: 70 percent for $70,000 or less, 45 percent for $70,001 to $85,000, and 30 percent for $85,001 to $100,000.

One subsidy beneficiary, Christina Ahumada, a certified professional controller at St. Louis Downtown ATCT (CPS), relies on this program to balance her demanding career and her role as a mother of two young children. With the support of the subsidy, Christina can navigate her shift work with ease, allowing her to enjoy personal pursuits like reading, photography, and hiking.

Wilcko, NATCA’s Child Care Representative, works with the FAA to foster a supportive work environment, enhancing work-life balance, and alleviating the financial burden of child care for employees. NATCA members are encouraged to explore and utilize this beneficial program to ease their child care challenges and enhance their family lives. Learn more about the program by accessing this link from an FAA computer.

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