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Labor Spotlight: Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants Vote to Ratify $6.3B Contract

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants, represented by TWU Local 556, have successfully ratified a landmark four-year contract, setting a new precedent in the aviation industry. This monumental agreement, valued at $6.3 billion, includes at least $364 million in back pay, representing pro-rated raises they would have received had the deal gone into effect in 2019.

This victory not only signifies a win for Southwest’s flight attendants but also ignites a broader movement across the industry, with flight attendants in North America advocating for compensation for all hours worked, not just flight time.

As negotiations are underway at American Airlines and United Airlines, this achievement by Southwest’s crew is a beacon of hope and solidarity. Southwest itself has ratified contracts with nine worker groups since October 2022, including a significant agreement with its pilots which will offer about a 50 percent pay raise over a five-year period.

This success is a testament to the power of collective bargaining and unity within our labor movement, and we congratulate our sisters and brothers on this significant accomplishment.

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