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NATCA 101: Empowering Members through Education and Engagement

NATCA offers an interactive course, NATCA 101, designed to deepen members’ understanding of our Union’s structure and mission. Aimed at both new and current members seeking historical information about our Union and an avenue to achieve greater involvement, this course underscores NATCA’s commitment to educating its membership on the organization’s daily efforts on their behalf.

NATCA 101 serves as a foundational platform for members to gain a preliminary understanding of union dynamics, setting the stage for increased personal involvement and contribution. This initiative aligns with NATCA’s vision of fostering a robust local and national union presence, ultimately securing a prosperous future for our members and their families.

“There is truly something for everyone to learn,” Northwest Mountain Region Reloaded Representative Jamie Sanders (Centennial ATCT, APA) said. “As an instructor myself, I still take away something new from every class. In our March class we had new and current members, including many members from Region X, NATCA staff, and an RVP. The variety of backgrounds and experience make every class unique. Many said they were surprised at how much information that they had never heard before.”

NATCA’s Membership Services Coordinator Lisa Head, a longtime member of NATCA’s staff, took the March offering of the course as a refresher, and strongly advocates for all members to take the course. “I would encourage everyone to take NATCA 101. Taking this course has given me insight into how important it is to be part of a union.”

NATCA’s Reloaded Committee offers the course once a month throughout the year. Upcoming offerings are listed below. Sign up at portal.natca.org

May 15th 11 a.m. Eastern
June 15th 4:30 p.m. Eastern
July 15th 3 p.m. Eastern
August 15th 10 a.m. Eastern
September 15th 5 p.m. Eastern

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