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NiW Roll Call: Uniting NATCA Members in Tradition and Teamwork

Our dynamic NATCA Regional Vice Presidents and National Legislative Committee members are thrilled to represent their colleagues during the roll call at #NATCAinWashington 2024! With representatives from all nine geographic regions and Region X, our team is geared up to engage with Congress and champion the needs of the National Airspace System and its operators.

Drawing inspiration from the U.S. Air Force’s fighter pilot tradition, our roll call is a powerful ritual that fosters trust and camaraderie. This practice, rooted in combat aviation’s critical need for cohesion and mutual support, is our pledge to not only unite in advocacy but also to stand ready to support each other through thick and thin. It’s about strengthening our bonds and fostering an environment of trust and friendship, essential for effective teamwork. Check out our NATCA in Washington website here.

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