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2024 Trish Gilbert Legislative Activism Award

NATCA takes immense pride in celebrating the unwavering dedication and spirit of our members who excel in legislative activism. Since 2009, at the annual NATCA in Washington event, we have bestowed the prestigious National Legislative Activism Award to honor such commitment. In 2010, in recognition of her outstanding contributions and as a tribute during her inaugural year as Executive Vice President, this accolade was aptly renamed the Trish Gilbert Legislative Activism Award. Named after one of the most influential activists in NATCA’s history, this award annually recognizes an individual whose extraordinary efforts and fervent dedication to legislative activism embody the spirit of serving the Union. Each recipient of this award has not only shown a profound commitment to our causes but has also taken significant action that sets them apart as true champions of our mission.

This year, NATCA President Rich Santa and EVP Andrew LeBovidge joined National Legislative Committee (NLC) Chair David Skarphol and NLC Vice Chair Allison Schwaegel in bestowing the honor of this award on [name of recipient, name of facility].

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