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NiW Hosts Key Political Experts Discussing the Road Ahead

On Wednesday afternoon at #NATCAinWashington, NATCA Director of Government Affairs Josh Nassar led an engaging panel discussion with Vice President of Lake Research Partners Meryl O’Bryan and House Majority Political Action Committee Senior Advisor Brad Komar, focusing on the 2024 Presidential election’s evolving political landscape and what it means for NATCA members.

Meryl O’Bryan applies her expertise from Lake Research Partners to support Democratic campaigns at multiple levels, combining her academic foundation in Cognitive Psychology and her Ph.D. work in psycholinguistics to analyze voter behavior and decision-making. Her approach helps tailor strategies that resonate with constituents, an approach highly relevant for understanding legislative impacts on aviation and labor rights.

Brad Komar brings a wealth of campaign experience from his roles at House Majority PAC and as a campaign manager for high-profile candidates like Ralph Northam and John Hickenlooper. His deep understanding of political operations and campaign strategies across various states provides NATCA members with insights into navigating political advocacy effectively to safeguard and advance their professional interests in a complex political environment.

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