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NATCA Celebrates Jewish American Heritage Month: Honoring Enduring Contributions and Inspirational Stories

NATCA is honored to celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month. This observance occurs every May and pays tribute to the profound contributions of Jewish Americans to the United States, from their role in advancing civil rights and shaping our culture to their considerable achievements in science and industry.

Jewish American Heritage Month was officially proclaimed in 2006 after efforts by Jewish organizations and members of Congress who aimed to highlight the indelible impact of Jewish individuals and communities on American life. The month of May was chosen to coincide with the celebration of American Jewish achievement and Holocaust Remembrance Day on May 6.

NATCA recognizes the significant influence of Jewish Americans not just in the broader American tapestry but also within the labor movement and our own Union. Their stories of resilience, innovation, and advocacy continue to inspire us.

Learn more about the contributions of Jewish Americans to the labor movement here.

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