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Inspiring the Next Generation: NATCA Celebrates Take Your Child to Work Day

On April 25, NATCA members at many facilities around the country brought their children to work, offering them a firsthand look at the exciting world of aviation during this year’s observance of Take Your Child to Work Day. This nationwide event, meant to reach beyond a typical career day, aims to inspire the next generation by immersing them in the daily responsibilities of possible careers of their futures.

At Dulles International Airport, Dulles ATCT (IAD) Treasurer Jamaal Teel made the day a family affair, bringing his two daughters to experience the airport operations and his crucial role in ensuring air travel safety. The event provided children with an engaging, interactive introduction to the aviation industry, emphasizing how their current education could lead to exciting career opportunities.

The program not only allowed children to see what their parents or mentors do during the workday but also encouraged them to think about their futures in a proactive and practical way. By demonstrating the power and possibilities of work combined with family life, this event and other youth outreach opportunities play a critical role in inspiring future leaders in aviation and beyond.

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