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NATCA in Solidarity for Workers Memorial Day: Represented at North Carolina Event

On Workers Memorial Day, April 28, NATCA stood in solidarity with the AFL-CIO to honor the memory of workers who have lost their lives on the job. In North Carolina, NATCA was represented by NATCA Boots on the Ground participant Margaret Summers (retired, Miami Center, ZMA), a dedicated member of the RNAV Committee, during a solemn ceremony held in Raleigh.

This national day of remembrance highlights the ongoing struggle for workplace safety, emphasizing the right of every worker to a safe job environment. The Raleigh event featured the poignant tolling of a bell 217 times, each ring representing a worker who died in North Carolina in 2022 while working. Summers held a sign with the names of the fallen workers, reinforcing the commitment to remembering those lost and advocating for improved safety measures.

The ceremony also included statements from Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson, who emphasized the essential rights to safety and health in the workplace: “All working people have the right to a safe and healthy work environment. No family deserves to suffer the grief of a loved one lost prematurely while working for a better life.”

NATCA’s participation in this event underscores its alignment with the AFL-CIO’s nationwide efforts to ensure safe working conditions and prevent workplace injuries and fatalities. This observance serves as a reminder of the critical work still needed to protect workers across all industries.

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