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NATCA Communications Committee Convenes to Strengthen Union Engagement

On April 30, the NATCA Communications Committee, chaired by Shannon Lyman (Boston Center, ZBW), held a productive meeting with representatives from NATCA regions across the country and NATCA public affairs staff. Discussions focused on a range of pivotal topics including the upcoming NATCA Activism & Training Expo, enhancing our Union’s web capabilities, support of NATCA’s legislative activism, and the development of a communications checklist for NATCA locals.

“The Communications Committee is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to providing NATCA members with information about our Union in traditional and also creative ways,” Lyman said. “This meeting provided us the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss the best ways to communicate and educate our members about the wide-ranging work that NATCA does for them.”

Participants included Lyman, Vice Chair Mary Hall (Houston TRACON, I90), Bryan Martini (Sioux City ATCT, SUX), Jaymi Steinberg (Washington Center, ZDC), Sarah Simek (Grand Forks ATCT, GFK), Lisen Minetti (Engineer/New England Region, ENE), Ariana Seimas (Fresno ATCT, FAT), along with NATCA Public Affairs Administrator Jessica Reed and NATCA Senior Social Media Representative Meagan Roper.

Learn more about the Communications Committee on their web page: https://www.natca.org/committees/comms

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