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Professional Standards Committee Training Bolsters NATCA’s Commitment to Excellence

From May 7-9, 2024, NATCA’s Professional Standards Committee (PS) hosted an intensive three-day training for its new members at Salt Lake Center (ZLC). The training welcomed new volunteers, equipping them with essential tools to address workplace issues and enhance professional standards within the FAA. Participants left the session ready to foster a culture of excellence and solidarity at their respective facilities.

“After completing the Professional Standards class, I am thrilled to be part of such a vital program in NATCA,” Kiovanni Maysonet (Fort Worth Center, ZFW), who attended the training, said. “The class has filled me with excitement and purpose. Being empowered by all the tools acquired in the class, I am eager to assist in resolving issues at the lowest level and continue to foster a culture of excellence and solidarity that strengthens our union at my facility.”

The training session not only served as a foundational course for new members but also as a reminder of the critical role that professional standards play in ensuring safety and efficiency in air traffic control operations.

Instructors for the session included Lydia Baune (Spokane ATCT, GEG), Patrick Carter (Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON, D10), and Chris Keyes (Washington Center, ZDC), who guided the participants through various scenarios and problem-solving exercises.

Participants in the training session included: Joshua Butler (Anchorage TRACON, A11), Jonathan Jones (Seattle Center, ZSE), Phil Bangerter (Atlanta Center, ZTL), Staci Rohan (Sonoma ATCT, STS), Patrick Trexler (Kansas City Downtown ATCT, MKC), Paul Moon (Alliance ATCT, AFW), William Cali (Fort Worth Center, ZFW), Michelle Mann (Fort Worth Center, ZFW), Kiovanni Maysonet (Fort Worth Center, ZFW), Maalik Hyatt (Patrick Henry ATCT, PHF), Erin Taylor (Manchester ATCT, MHT), Hailey Beal (Augusta ATCT, AGS), Hailey Beal (Huntsville ATCT, HSV), Katie Hobbs (Orlando Executive ATCT, ORL), Francesco Pastino (Fort Lauderdale Executive ATCT, FXE), and Andrew Parker (Miami Center, ZMA).

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