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Congratulations to NATCA’s 2024-2025 Scholarship Winners

Every year, NATCA offers a scholarship program for spouses, children, stepchildren, and legally adopted children of active, retired, and deceased members in good standing for at least two consecutive years. This scholarship is for full-time attendance at accredited colleges and universities within the United States and its territories for an undergraduate degree program.

This year’s prompt asked candidates to examine the effect of artificial intelligence on workers and labor unions.

NATCA selected 20 winners, listed below:
Rebecca Bratcher, child of John Bratcher (Fort Smith ATCT, FSM)
Kyle Buchan, child of Deborah Buchan (Grand Rapids ATCT, GRR)
Isabella Calabro, child of Keith Calabro (New York Center, ZNY)
Daniel DiMartino, child of Jill DiMartino (Chicago Center, ZAU)
Mackenzie Dybvik, child of Garth Koleszar (Los Angeles Center, ZLA)
Timberly Gardner, child of Brian Gardner (Allegheny ATCT, AGC)
Brooke Harris, child of James Harris (Dallas-Fort Worth ATCT, DFW)
Clourid Johnson, Jr., child of Melvin Kizzee (Houston Center, ZHU)
Riley Lancaster, child of Alaskan Region Vice President Clint Lancaster (Anchorage Center, ZAN)
Amara Moorhead, child of Matthew Moorhead (Minneapolis Center, ZMP)
Jackson Nutter, child of Benjamin Nutter (Hanscom ATCT, BED)
Ty Phipps, child of Scott Phipps (Denver ATCT, DEN)
Elijah Putzeys, child of Karena Marinas (Los Angeles Center, ZLA)
McEwen Roberts, child of Zoe Roberts (Minneapolis Center, ZMP)
Cassidy Rucker, child of Clarence Rucker (Washington Center, ZDC)
Alexandria Sanders, child of Douglas Sanders (Minneapolis Center, ZMP)
Ashley Trudeau, child of Michelle Trudeau (Indianapolis Center, ZID)
Benjamin Valentine, child of Sharon Valentine (New York Center, ZNY)
Audrey VanDeBerg, child of Brian VanDeBerg (Minneapolis Center, ZMP)
Bella Wright, child of Vincent Wright (Denver Center, ZDV)

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