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NATCA President Rich Santa Champions Unity at Raleigh-Durham Solidarity Event

NATCA President Rich Santa recently attended a solidarity event for members from Raleigh Durham ATCT (RDU) and the surrounding area. The event provided a perfect backdrop for members to engage directly with union leadership, gain insights into NATCA’s legislative agenda, and discuss key topics such as FAA reauthorization and upcoming contract negotiations.

Santa highlighted the importance of unity and active participation in our Union’s efforts to secure favorable outcomes in these areas. Gathering as a union family is a chance to discuss NATCA’s goals and strategies, and also to strengthen the bonds within local communities.

“The event was well-attended, with a good turnout of families and children, making it a fun and informative day for everyone involved,” RDU FacRep Nick Stott said. “It offered a valuable opportunity for members to ask questions, voice their concerns, and connect with one another in a relaxed, friendly environment.”

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