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NATCA Representatives Enhance Skills at ALPA Professional Standards Conference

NATCA representatives attended the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) Professional Standards (PS) Conference, April 23-24 in Las Vegas, further strengthening ties and exchanging valuable insights with the pilots’ union. Among the attendees were NATCA PS Committee members Lydia Baune (Spokane ATCT, GEG), Patrick Carter (Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON, D10), Chris Keyes (Washington Center, ZDC) and Las Vegas & Ariz. PS District Chair Paul Zoccali (Las Vegas ATCT, LAS).

The conference featured discussions centered around empathy-based conflict resolution and effective discussion techniques, aimed at enhancing the skills of the PS teams.

“Attending the ALPA Professional Standards Conference was a great opportunity for NATCA to continue developing our relationships with ALPA as well as the volunteers and leaders within our unions,” Baune said. “We look forward to sharing these new tools and ideas with our NATCA Professional Standards Committee members. As a committee, we are constantly looking for ways to continue our education so that we can learn, grow, and provide the strongest tool possible offering peer-to-peer mediation and a positive and empowering alternative to discipline.”

This engagement marks an ongoing effort by NATCA PS to foster a proactive approach to workplace issues, prioritizing constructive dialogue over disciplinary measures.

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