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NATCA Members Provide Rep. Lisa Blunt-Rochester’s Staff ILG Tour

Staff members from U.S. Representative Lisa Blunt-Rochester’s (Del.-At Large) office toured the Wilmington (Del.) ATCT (ILG), facilitated by ILG FacRep Will Turner.

Legislative Aide Sophie Rapley and Special Assistant Iris Turner expressed enthusiasm in learning about the daily operations at ILG and the responsibilities of air traffic controllers. They were particularly interested in understanding the current staffing crisis affecting controllers both locally and in the National Airspace System (NAS).

“Their awareness of our staffing challenges and their engagement in discussions about the local and broader effects were encouraging,” said Turner. “We also covered how ILG, as President Biden’s home airport, and the NAS are affected by government shutdowns and funding issues.”

The Congressional staff members reassured Turner of their office’s willingness to support NATCA in addressing these issues.

Pictured left to right: ILG Vice President Matt Dunn; Iris Turner; Will Turner; and Sophie Rapley.

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