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National Historical Committee Offers NATCA National Office Tours Ahead of NiW

On April 30, NATCA Historical Committee (NHC) members provided tours of our Union’s National Office to more than 20 members attending NATCA in Washington 2024. NHC members gave a short history of NATCA as a union, along with an organizational overview before the tour. Members were able to meet and visit NATCA leaders and staff while seeing the Barry Krasner Building.

After taking the tour, Ben Kaufman (Harrisburg International ATCT, MDT) said, “It was great getting to see where all the work that goes into running our Union happens. I’ve taken NATCA 101 and been involved for a while, but this was the most impactful learning experience I’ve had.”

Thank you to all members that participated on the National Office Tour. If you would like to learn more about the NHC and NATCA’s history, visit the NHC’s webpage.

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