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News Update: July 3, 2024: Region X and Staff Support Specialists CBA

Sisters and Brothers,

Since our last update, negotiations on the successor agreement to the Multi-Unit and Consolidated Collective Bargaining Agreements (the “Light Blue” and the “Purple” books) have progressed at a steady pace. The Parties continue to meet regularly in executive session and the full teams have convened for face-to-face bargaining. The FAA negotiating team consists of representatives from AHL, AVS, AFN, ARP, and ATO with a legal advisor from AGC and a financial advisor from AFN thereby bringing multiple lines-of-business to the table, each with its own unique issues and interests.

As prescribed by the ground rules for these negotiations, the Parties jointly met for Interest Based Bargaining training conducted by a facilitator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. This training provided a positive framework by which these negotiations are to be conducted and the principles delineated therein have already been incorporated into some of the bargaining sessions.

Since the last update, the Parties have tentatively agreed upon an additional six Articles and have reached an agreement in principle on one more Article that is pending final signature. Further, the Parties have agreed to retain an additional four Memoranda of Understanding, with an agreement in principle on another. Seven additional Articles are in active proposal stage and have been passed across the table.

We will continue to provide periodic updates as we move through these negotiations. As we have received several queries about the current status of our Agreements, please remember that the terms and conditions of both the Light Blue and Purple Books remain in full force and effect until these negotiations are concluded and new agreements are ratified.

In Solidarity,

Andrew LeBovidge
NATCA Executive Vice President
Chief Negotiator

Nicole Vitale
NATCA Director of Labor Relations

Lisen Minetti

Ed Szczuka

Corey Glaze

Mark Rausch

Jordan Klein
NATCA Local N90

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