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Alex Navarro III

NATCA Leadership

Alex Navarro III

Northwest Mountain Regional Vice President (NNM)

Alex Navarro III is serving his second term as Northwest Mountain Regional Vice President.

Alex began his Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) career in 2008 at Seattle TRACON (S46) and has worked as a controller at Seattle Center (ZSE) since 2013. He was a controller in the Air Force and worked for one year at a Federal Contract Tower in Renton, Wash. (now a NATCA-represented facility).

He began his activism within NATCA as S46 treasurer in 2009, and has also served as both vice president, and most recently, FacRep at ZSE. In addition, he has worked as Washington Legislative State Coordinator, a LEAP (Leadership Experience Acceleration Project) instructor, and as a Drug and Alcohol Committee member.

Alex is married to fellow NATCA member Samantha Navarro of Seattle ATCT (SEA), and they have two children, Tomas and Mariana.

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