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Joel Ortiz

NATCA Leadership

Joel Ortiz

Western Pacific Regional Vice President (NWP)

Joel Ortiz is serving his second three-year term as Western Pacific Regional Vice President. He was first elected to this position in 2018.

Ortiz was born and raised in Corona, Calif. He graduated from Corona Senior High School in 1995. He immediately enlisted in the Marine Corps and left for boot camp in November 1995. In November 2003, Ortiz was honorably discharged and was hired as a DoD air traffic controller. He worked as a GS-2152 until the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) hired him in 2006. In August of that year, he checked into his first FAA facility, High Desert TRACON (E10), which is now known as Joshua Control Facility (JCF).

After becoming a certified professional controller (CPC) at JCF in 2007, Ortiz ran for and was elected as the NATCA local secretary.

In December 2012, Ortiz became a CPC in the Los Angeles Arrivals Area at SCT. He served as the alternate area representative until he ran for and was elected SCT local vice president in 2014. In 2016, he was elected SCT president and served in that capacity until July of 2018.

Ortiz and his wife, Adriana, have four children; Taylor, Lily, Joel Jr., and Dominic.

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