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Union Synergy Committee News

Union Synergy Committee Welcomes New Members

The Union Synergy (US) Committee recently welcomed new members: Fort Lauderdale ATCT (FLL) member Amy Sayers, Engineers/Southwest Region (ESW) member Brittan Smith, Houston TRACON (I90) member Kym Towns, and Southwest Regional Vice President Nick Daniels. The […]

Union Synergy Committee Discusses Unconscious Biases

Join NATCA’s Union Synergy (US) Committee on their Facebook page for their Now I Know series on the nine types of unconscious biases (conformity, beauty, affinity, halo effect, horns effect, similarity, contrast effect, attribution, and confirmation […]

Union Synergy Discussion on Involvement

More than 570 NATCA members watched the second Union Synergy (US) Committee virtual town hall on Feb. 10, a discussion on how NATCA can continue to engage our membership, further build our volunteer army, and inspire […]

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