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Union Synergy Committee News

Union Synergy Committee Discusses Unconscious Biases

Join NATCA’s Union Synergy (US) Committee on their Facebook page for their Now I Know series on the nine types of unconscious biases (conformity, beauty, affinity, halo effect, horns effect, similarity, contrast effect, attribution, and confirmation […]

Union Synergy Discussion on Involvement

More than 570 NATCA members watched the second Union Synergy (US) Committee virtual town hall on Feb. 10, a discussion on how NATCA can continue to engage our membership, further build our volunteer army, and inspire […]

Union Synergy Committee to Host Second Town Hall

The Union Synergy Committee invites all NATCA members to join their next town hall on “Involvement.” Tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 10, the town hall will be moderated by Southwest Regional Vice President Andrew LeBovidge and […]

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