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2017 Recipients of the Tim Haines Memorial Award of Honor and Distinction

NATCA member presented with the Tim Haines Memorial Award of Honor and Distinction in 2017:

Eric Labardini
Presented at Communicating For Safety 2017. From left to right: Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, Eric Labardini, and President Paul Rinaldi.

NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert presented Eric Labardini the Tim Haines Memorial Award of Honor and Distinction at Communicating For Safety 2017. The award, also know as a “Timmy” Award, is typically presented at every Biennial Convention to union members and employees who have done an exceptional job representing NATCA values.

This year, a Timmy Award was given at Communicating For Safety because of the important safety-related work Labardini does for NATCA. Labardini has spent his 25-year career at Houston Center. He had served as Area Representative and Secretary when Gilbert and NATCA President Paul Rinaldi asked him to become the National Article 114 Rep for ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) and SBS (Surveillance and Broadcast Services), a role that requires a tremendous about of travel and dedication. He has committed himself to that task since 2009.

“He does it exceptionally well,” Gilbert said. “He leads a very talented group of Reps on all those programs. And for that, we could never thank him enough.”

Larbardini was overwhelmed by the recognition, saying it was an honor that meant the world to him.

“I’m humbled and I can’t say there’s any greater recognition than being recognized by your peers,” Labardini said. “I would say that this is a team success. I can’t do what I do without the support of this membership, my team, and my family.”

Watch video of the award presentation below:

NATCA Boots On The Ground Coordinator presented with the Tim Haines Memorial Award of Honor and Distinction in 2017:

Michael Ingrao
Presented at NATCA in Washington 2017.

Mike Ingrao started NATCA’s Boots On The Ground program in 2008 and managed the program for eight years. Boots On The Ground allows mostly retired NATCA members to participate in the labor-to-labor outreach and education program of the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations). NATCA “Boots” members and other union members reach out to fellow labor members to educate them about candidates in upcoming elections. This program has been effective at getting the word out to the labor community regarding candidates’ records and positions.

Ingrao presented the concept to NATCA’s leadership initially, later refining it to meet the needs of NATCA and the broader labor movement. Ingrao’s tireless efforts for NATCA continued every election cycle from 2008 to 2016.

During each cycle, it is the program manager’s job to develop and implement a comprehensive grassroots NATCA program in states designated by NATCA within the AFL-CIO’s labor program, focused on the Presidential election and targeted U.S. Senate races.

The job was a natural fit for Ingrao, who served as Secretary-Treasurer for the Transportation Trades Department (TTD), AFL-CIO. The Washington, D.C.-based labor organization represents several million workers in the private and public sectors of the aviation and other transit industries. After retiring from the position in 2008, Ingrao continued to serve TTD, NATCA, and other transportation unions, consulting on political and legislative matters.

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