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Communicating For Safety 2018 Video Archive

CFS 2018 Video Archive


NATCA President Paul Rinaldi
FAA Acting Administrator Dan Elwell

NATCA Recurrent Training Rep Richard Kennington: The Importance of Including Human Factors in Training

Jason Grider and Philip Madrid: Contingency in the NAS

NATCA Contingency Operations Representative Jason Grider joined Command Center (DCC) Contingency Operations Staff Specialist Philip Madrid at #NATCACFS2018​ for a discussion on Contingency Operations in the National Airspace System. Among the topics at hand, Grider & Madrid focused on the team working directly with each major facility to make improvements tand ensure that everyone knows what is needed restore air traffic services to airspace affected by crises.

Surface Safety

In a discussion about Runway Safety at #NATCACFS2018​, NATCA National Runway Safety Representative Bridget Singratanakul (Gee), FAA ATO Western Service Area Runway Safety Team Manager Emily Banuelos, and NATCA Surface Surveillance Representative Dan Hamilton discussed the role of technology and open communication between industry members, regulators, and airports in reducing runway risk.


Tried, True, and Tested: Aviation Safety Professionals

Integrating Remotely Piloted Aircraft Into the NAS

NATCA National UAS Representatives Steve Weidner & Jeff Richards led panelists at #NATCACFS2018​ in a discussion about Integrating Remotely Piloted Aircraft into the National Airspace System. Experts on the panel brought a wide breadth of experience to the discussion. • NATCA Syracuse Tower/TRACON member Sandy Gregoire • Syracuse Air National Guard 108 ATKS Director of Operations Lt. Col. Aaron “Copper” Brown • Amazon Prime Air Sean Cassidy • Acting Director of NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI) Parimal Kopardekar • FAA ATO UAS Integration Manager Randy Willis • ASSURE FAA UAS Center of Excellence (COE) Associate Director for Research & Raspet Flight Research Laboratory Director at Mississippi State University Dallas Brooks.

Moving the NAS Towards a Trajectory Based System

FAA ATO Program Management Office VP Kris Burnham & NATCA Director of Safety & Technology Jim Ullmann led a panel about moving the National Airspace System (NAS) toward a trajectory based system, a cornerstone of #FlyNextGen​. One of the new concepts within global aviation, Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) is Performance Based Navigation (PBN) plus Time Based Management (TBM). It will have an impact on how the National Airspace System (NAS) is operated in the near future.

Aviation Industry’s View from Outside the FAA

#NATCACFS2018​, as the premier aviation safety conference, is an essential opportunity for members of the aviation community – including industry stakeholders, pilots, FAA leadership, and of course, air traffic controllers and aviation safety professionals – to come together and discuss the most relevant topics in aviation safety. Attendees today were presented with the perspectives of those who are outside NATCA and the FAA. NATCA Director of Safety & Technology Jim Ullmann & Human Solutions Inc. President Brenda Boone led a panel of aviation industry experts in a panel discussing “Aviation Industry’s View from Outside the FAA.”

Panelists: • Raytheon Company Information and Services (IIS) Executive Technical Director Transportation and Support Services Intelligence Rachel Jackson • Team Hallahan LLC Principal Kate Hallahan • Airlines for America Vice President of Legislative and Regulatory Policy Jarrod Thompson • Donna McLean Associates LLC Principal Donna McLean • American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) President and CEO Todd Hauptli • Delta Airlines Operations and Customer Center Senior Vice President Dave Holtz.

Challenges to Operating the NAS: Implementing Emerging Technologies

NATCA National Safety Committee Chair Steve Hansen & MITRE Director of Safety and New Entrants Integration Hassan Shahidi led panelists at #NATCACFS2018​ in a discussion of challenges to operating the National Airspace System with a focus on implementing emerging technologies. Panelists: • NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert • Boeing Horizon X Business Development Executive Paul McDuffee • Aireon Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering Vincent Capezzuto • FAA Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation Kelvin Coleman • Commercial Spaceflight Federation President Eric Stallmer • ALPA General Manager Lori Garver.

The Benefits of Collaborative Safety Programs

The first panel of #NATCACFS2018​ kicked off a full week of incredible discussions on aviation safety. Moderators NATCA’s National Safety Committee Chair Steve Hansen and FAA ATO Safety & Technical Training VP Jeffrey Vincent led panelists NATCA National Voluntary Safety Reporting Programs Representative Mike Blake, FAA ATO General Manager Safety Programs Ernesto Lasen, NATCA National Partnership for Safety Representative Chrissy Padgett, NATCA Chicago Center Local Safety Council Lead Jon Kunowski, ALPA Safety Information Analysis Programs Mike Schilz in a discussion of the Benefits of Collaborative Safety Programs.


Awards Luncheon Presentations

14th Annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards


Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Organization Chief Operating Officer Teri Bristol.

Region X Commitment to Safety Award

Alaskan Region

Central Region

Eastern Region

Great Lakes Region

New England Region

Northwest Mountain Region (BJC)

Northwest Mountain Region (SLC)

Southern Region

Southwest Region

Western Pacific Region (SFO)

Western Pacific Region (TUS)

President’s Award

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