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Air Safety Investigators are governed by Article 63 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement Between NATCA and the FAA. Besides assisting in NTSB accident investigations, air safety investigators play a vital role in the event of any incident/accident involving an air traffic control facility. NATCA air safety investigators are also placed on the FAA’s emergency call list in the event of an accident in their region. ASIs will forward the information they receive to the appropriate NATCA committee(s) and officials to ensure your facility is getting the best assistance possible.

ASI Mission Statement

The NATCA Air Safety Investigator’s primary task is to provide an objective controller based perspective to NTSB investigations of aircraft accidents or incidents that involve air traffic control services. The NATCA ASI works as part of the team of investigators to determine the probable cause of an aircraft accident and formulate recommendations to prevent future occurrences.



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