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NTI Dashboard and Impediment Site RTS

Brothers and Sisters, 

In response to an IT policy change, NATCA and the Agency, along with the BURST team, successfully transitioned the NTI app’s data from an on-premises system to a fully cloud-based backend. This transition involved updating over 2,000 lines of code, 30 queries, 20 cloud flows, 3 extensive power automates, and 81 documents, followed by rigorous testing over several weeks.

As a result, the NTI database and dashboard will be operational starting today, Monday, November 20. Any reporting processes developed by districts or service areas can be discontinued, and management will follow steps 1 – 3 outlined in the attached NTI policy memo and impediments list. NATCA reps must remain engaged in the collaborative process of identifying impediments and ensuring that meaningful training is conducted.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and commitment to the NTI, and we anticipate continued success in training as we identify impediments and maximize training opportunities. We remain steadfast in the policy position that there are no mandates associated with the NTI. There are expectations of OJT hours aimed at reaching the goal of increasing CPCs in an efficient manner without a reduction to the standards.

We believe that providing the NTI policy memo to all members and representatives will help inform all those affected by the policy and clear up misunderstandings. The NTI Data Dashboard and Impediment site can be located: http://natca.org/nti.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

In solidarity, 
NATCA NTI Workgroup

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