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Organizing Committee News

National Organizing Committee Meets in Fort Worth

Recently, NATCA’s National Organizing Committee (NOC) held its winter meeting in Fort Worth, Texas. The meeting covered a wide range of crucial topics, reflecting the NOC’s commitment to the growth and sustainment of our Union. Some […]

National Organizing Committee Meets at National Office

NATCA’s National Organizing Committee (NOC) met at the NATCA National Office in Washington at the end of September. The NOC is responsible for the growth of NATCA through internal and external organizing. The committee identifies and […]

NATCA Welcomes New Facility: Lunken FCT (LUK)

NATCA is excited to welcome Cincinnati Municipal Airport – Lunken Field Federal Contract Tower (LUK) to the NATCA family. The city-owned airport is located three miles east of downtown Cincinnati and serves both private aircraft and […]

Happy 25th NATCAversary to our FCT Bargaining Unit!

The FAA contracted out 101 Level 1 VFR towers from 1993-1997. Following the decision to contract out these facilities, an organizing effort began in earnest and grew into a resounding NATCA success story that continues today, […]

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