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The 2020 Program

NATCA is proud to honor the winners of the 2020 NATCA Scholarship program.

“We have been pleased to see so many applicants take part in the process this year,” said NATCA President Paul Rinaldi. “It is both interesting and meaningful to hear perspective from young people about their reasons to vote in the 2020 election.”

NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert added, “Congratulations to all the recipients of this year’s NATCA Scholarship. We enjoyed reading your essay submissions and wish you great success with your academic endeavors.”

The students were asked the question, “How would you encourage your peers to get out the vote in the 2020 election?” Out of the 21 scholarship winners, Brian Henn was given the President’s Award, a $2,000 scholarship. The other winners received a $1,000 scholarship. Wrote Brian, “The act of voting effectively makes one a member of a nationwide bargaining unit, with elected officials being the negotiators. As previously stated, choosing to vote is not a selfish act, but also betters the lives of every citizen, much like how a union betters the lives of the members.” Read his full essay below.

The NATCA Scholarship Program was established for the spouses and children of active, retired, and deceased NATCA members with continuous membership in good standing of at least two years. These scholarships are awarded for full-time attendance at accredited colleges and universities within the United States and its territories for an undergraduate degree program.

NATCA Scholarship Winners

Past Scholarship Winners