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UNUM (Long-Term Disability Insurance)


Please note: While all of our benefits are available to every active and retired NATCA member, not all benefits are available to our corporate and associate members. If you have a question about our benefits and your eligibility for them, please email our Benefits Committee at [email protected].

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UNUM (Long-Term Disability Insurance)

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The open enrollment period for the NATCA/Unum Long Term Disability Plan will begin on Sept. 1. The NATCA/Unum Plan is only available to NATCA members.

Our Union wants to ensure all our members’ income is protected. Having insurance grants peace of mind when the unexpected happens. The NATCA group long-term disability program from Unum is the insurance that provides protection and peace of mind in the event you lose your medical or are disabled.

About the NATCA/Unum Plan, NATCA’s Benefits Committee Chair John Bratcher stated, “Our nation is going through a horrible time because of COVID-19. The pandemic highlights how vulnerable each of us are, no matter our age or general health. As aviation safety professionals, we must maintain our medical to do our jobs and are subject to many other factors the general public doesn’t have to consider. And while NATCA has worked very hard to deliver job protections, wage increases, workplace improvement, and more, the protection of our income is just another piece of what NATCA provides to the membership.”

Bratcher continued, “You insure everything else that’s important to you. Why leave your career and your financial stability uninsured?”

Visit www.natcadisability.com for more information and to enroll.

Next open enrollment date to be announced soon!

“I signed up for UNUM disability insurance in June 2007 when I was 37 years old and in perfect health. In May 2009, I had a stroke that left me paralyzed on my right side and the inability to speak. My recovery was quicker than most. However, it is a slow, ongoing process.

Without UNUM insurance I would have lost everything. Even though I was generously supported in the leave donation program, it ran out before I could return to work. It has been a little over a year and I still do not have my medical back, and I am thinking the soonest I will get it back is at least another year. UNUM is the best thing I ever did!”

Holly Anderson, ORD

“In January 2013, I received the news that I had colon cancer. After surgery to remove part of my colon, I spent 11 days in the hospital. I then had to endure five months of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy caused me to develop numbness in my hands and feet. I could not receive my ATC medical clearance because of my physical condition and the medication I was taking.

After six months, I had exhausted all of my annual and sick leave. UNUM disability insurance was a great benefit for me and my family. We were able to continue to meet all of our financial obligations. The filing process was simple. The representatives assigned to my case were courteous and very helpful. I highly recommend UNUM disability as a safety net because we never know when an accident or illness will strike us.”

Al Hollis, RDU

I signed up for UNUM disability insurance in 2007. For me, it was a relatively cheap insurance policy in case I lost my ATC medical clearance. As I got closer to my mandatory retirement, I thought about cancelling the insurance, but decided against it. I’m sure glad I didn’t. Sure enough, I lost my ATC medical in my last year of working, and UNUM came through!! I was able to retire at my mandatory date without having to dip into my savings or TSP. In addition, the claims process was not difficult, thanks to Leslie Tackett (National Insurance Services) and Kandy Jones (UNUM Insurance). I recommend every NATCA controller take the time and look at what this disability insurance offers, in case it’s needed.

Richard Scott, ZDV (Retired)

After 38 years of air traffic control, USAF, FAA, and contract, I have come to find that enrolling in the insurance offered by Unum, through NATCA, was a very wise decision. No matter how you plan, something unexpected will happen. From Leslie, who is the initial contact, to the folks at Unum, the process of filing a claim and receiving benefits has been very easy and painless. I highly recommend this coverage to every member of NATCA; you won’t regret it! Either during a temporary situation or at the completion of your ATC career, it will make your life a little easier!

James Scanlon

At age 35, I had two back surgeries with one year. Five years later, due to complications from the surgeries, I took a medical retirement from the FAA. After my first surgery, I enrolled with Unum. Since then the payments have always been there and they were very helpful in answering my questions and helping with the forms. I highly recommend Unum as a reliable supplement in the event of any long term disability.

Chris Commichaux

To All NATCA members,

I wanted to write a brief note encouraging all members to enroll in the disability plan. Even though I’m only 37 years old, I have already had occasion to use it. It works. Unum paid the claim. I urge you to take advantage of this benefit for NATCA members. You never know.

 Joseph Fabozzi

Joseph Fabozzi

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