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Virtual Grassroots in Local Districts: Virginia

NATCA Boots on the Ground (BOTG) members John Carr, Margaret Summers, Program Manager Tom Thompson, and Bob Zabel recently met with Virginia AFL-CIO leadership in preparation for NATCA’s participation in Virginia’s Labor 2021 program. NATCA members have had the honor […]

Happy Mother’s Day! Honoring NATCA Moms

We wish all NATCA moms a Happy Mother’s Day! Being a mother is such a special privilege. Mothers are special because they work around the clock and do everything for their families and children. NATCA moms are hard working […]

Welcoming a New Facility into the NATCA Family

NATCA represents a group of air traffic control specialists that work in 116 Federal Contract Towers (FCTs) for one of four private employers: Midwest Air Traffic Control Services, Robinson Aviation (RVA), Inc., RVA-CI Squared Aviation, Inc., […]

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