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Congratulations to Our Newest FacReps

“While the Onboarding Committee and regional reps work throughout the year, onboarding new facility representatives (FacReps), January is when we see the most FacReps take office, and thus it is our busiest time of year,” said […]

Onboarding Committee Announces New FacReps

“Becoming a new FacRep can be overwhelming, and anything to help make that an easier transition is a welcomed task,” said Northwest Mountain Region Onboarding Committee member Sam Navarro. “A lot of times, just knowing who […]

Spotlight: NATCA’s Southwest Region

The Southwest Region and Houston-area NATCA locals welcome you to the 18th Biennial Convention, deep in the heart of Texas. What makes the local facilities around the convention site so interesting and an integral part of […]

Union Synergy Committee Welcomes New Members

The Union Synergy (US) Committee recently welcomed new members: Fort Lauderdale ATCT (FLL) member Amy Sayers, Engineers/Southwest Region (ESW) member Brittan Smith, Houston TRACON (I90) member Kym Towns, and Southwest Regional Vice President Nick Daniels. The […]

Convention Attendees: Welcome to Houston!

We are pleased to finally welcome delegates to the 18th Biennial Convention in Houston! It is exciting for us to be able to safely bring delegates together to discuss issues that are vital to our Union […]

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