Baltimore Controllers Go Beyond the Classroom

When Baltimore-Washington International Airport had a tower and a TRACON, all of the controllers had radar-simulation training. But when it became a tower-only facility in September 2002, the tools to do simulation training were no longer available. As turnover happened and new controllers without radar knowledge came on board, the need for a radar-training program increased. 

Baltimore Tower (BWI) controllers Mike McCorkell and Lu Castro teamed up to address the issue. They started by developing PowerPoint presentations to show trainees a variety of arrival and departure scenarios they could face while working flights from the tower.

“That was all we had then, but we wanted to have something more,” McCorkell said. “So that’s when we looked into SimFast.”

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USA TODAY - Ask Air Traffic Control: When Radio Contact Fails

Q: What recommendations and improvements would air traffic controllers recommend to ensure an incident like the missing Malaysia Airlines flight doesn't happen again?

A: Worldwide coverage of aircraft through satellites (ADS-B) would go a long way to potentially help prevent a situation like that of MH370 in the future.

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