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NEB Policies

This page contains National Executive Board (NEB) internal guidance and determinations as well as Standing Rules and Policy/Position Statements enacted by the NEB between NATCA conventions.

In accordance with the NATCA Constitution, Article VIII Section 7, “Standing Rules and Policy/Position Statements presented by the NEB that are approved by the National Convention shall become Standing Rules or Policies/Position Statements of the Association.”

Associate Membership (updated 6/2011)

Document Retention Policy

Education Reimbursement Fund

The NEB establishes the following rules and regulations for the NATCA Education Reimbursement Fund when the request for reimbursement concerns educational courses or certificates other than a Bachelor of Labor Studies degree. In accordance with SRF-14, these rules and regulations or the associated program may be modified or cancelled at any time.

Any active NATCA member in good standing is eligible for reimbursement for degrees, courses, or programs which the member can show, and the NEB agrees, directly relates to furthering the cause of NATCA or Labor as an entity. The degree, course, or training certificate may be from any accredited college or university within the United States and its territories or any Labor or Labor Relations training program sponsored or supported by the AFL-CIO, National Academy of Arbitrators, CyberFeds, and FMCS. The NEB may approve any similarly situated organization at any time, but preferably in advance of taking the course.

Elections and NATCA Email Addresses/Listservs Guidance

Expense Reimbursement Policy (updated Jan. 2017)

Expense Policy Amendment (Feb. 22, 2012)

Layoff as a Result of Closure (April 2, 2013)

Legal Defense Fund

In accord with NATCA Standing Rule I-7, the NATCA National Executive Board has established a legal defense fund for the purpose of the collection of money and distribution of proceeds such that any active and/or retired member in good standing for whom NATCA is not directly responsible for their defense may defend themselves from legal actions.

Prior to completing the Application for Assistance to the NATCA Legal Defense Fund, please thoroughly review these Application Guidelines. Failure to correctly complete the Application for Assistance and submit the required supporting documentation may result in the automatic denial of any request for assistance.


Any active and/or retired NATCA member in good standing may submit a request for assistance to the NATCA Legal Defense Fund. Each applicant must be a named defendant in a current legal action. The NEB shall normally only consider requests for assistance concerning the legal defense of a member in a current civil action where that action is related to their status as a NATCA bargaining unit member. Requests for assistance concerning the legal defense of a member in a criminal action shall normally be denied by the NEB. The NEB shall normally not consider requests for assistance made retroactively for a legal action that has already been decided. The NEB shall not consider requests which involve litigation between NATCA members. An applicant’s legal defense cannot conflict with federal and/or state law or the stated legal position of NATCA in the matter that has given rise to the applicant’s request.


Applications for assistance, along with the requested supporting documentation, must be submitted, via U.S. Certified Mail, to:

Executive Vice President
National Air Traffic Controllers Association
1325 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20005

Applications submitted electronically or by any other means shall not be accepted.


All requests for assistance made to the NATCA Legal Defense Fund shall be reviewed and decided in a timely fashion. As selected by the NATCA President, a three member panel of the NEB, in consultation with the NATCA Office of the General Counsel, shall initially review each request for assistance made to the NATCA Legal Defense Fund. The three member panel shall be selected exclusively from the NATCA Regional Vice Presidents. The NATCA Regional Vice President that currently represents the applicant and/or previously represented the retired applicant shall be excluded from selection to the three member panel. The same three member panel shall not review consecutive requests. A three-member panel composed of entirely different NATCA Regional Vice Presidents shall hear each request.

In each case, the three member panel shall thoroughly review the request for assistance and then, following the completion of its review, make a recommendation to the full body of the NEB whether to accept or deny the request for assistance. Upon the receipt of the three member panel’s recommendation, the full body of the NEB shall vote on whether to accept or deny the request for assistance. To be accepted, a request for assistance must receive a majority vote of the members of the NEB. A majority vote constitutes seven (7) votes in affirmation of the request. All members of the NEB must cast a vote; abstentions are not permitted. If the NEB denies the request, no further recourse is available and the matter is at an end.


The NEB’s basis and rationale for approving a request for assistance made to the NATCA Legal Defense Fund shall not be considered binding precedent on subsequent requests involving similar facts and/or issues. Each request for assistance to the NATCA Legal Defense Fund shall be considered by the NEB independently and separately from all other requests.

Distribution of Funds

The NEB shall not make any distribution from the NATCA Legal Defense Fund directly to an applicant. A successful applicant shall receive a distribution of funds paid directly to their attorney of record. An applicant’s attorney of record cannot be a NATCA member or a bargaining unit employee in a unit represented by NATCA. A successful applicant shall receive a distribution of funds only after the NEB has received copies of all invoices, bills, and other fees from their attorney of record evidencing the cost of the applicant’s legal defense to date. It is solely the duty of the applicant to provide the requested documentation. The NEB shall not solicit the required documentation nor participate in any manner in obtaining the information from the applicant’s attorney of record.

Legal Defense Fund Application

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Local Chartering Rules and Regulations (April 2, 2013)

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