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Trish Gilbert Legislative Activism Award

In 2009, NATCA established the National Legislative Activism Award to be presented at NATCA in Washington. The following year, the award was renamed for one of NATCA’s most effective activists, Trish Gilbert. Trish set the standard […]

NATCA Legislative Team

NATCA takes a comprehensive approach to its legislative and political program. The team is guided by NATCA’s national leadership (the President, Executive Vice President, and Regional Vice Presidents), and includes National Office staff in the Executive Office, Government Affairs, Public Affairs, Safety and Technology, and Labor Relations departments; the NLC, which is composed of one appointed member from each region; state legislative coordinators; facility legislative representatives; and, of course, our dedicated member activists. While it is very important to be well represented in Washington, D.C., it is equally important that our activism reach members of Congress back in their home states and districts. Here is a rundown on how NATCA makes its members voices heard in the legislative and political arenas.

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