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Virtual Grassroots in Local Districts: Georgia

Columbus, Ga. ATCT (CSG) Legislative Rep Jesse Kendell, Savannah ATCT (SAV) Legislative Rep Nicholas Matthews, and Georgia State Legislative Coordinator and Atlanta Center (ZTL) member Christopher Smith attended a virtual event with Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop, […]

Virtual Grassroots in Local Districts: Florida

South Florida State Legislative Coordinator and Miami Center (ZMA) Vice President and Legislative Rep Daniel Garcia-Barbon attended a virtual event for Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (pictured left). “The congresswoman discussed legislation that is being negotiated in […]

NCF Concludes its Successful Step Challenge

The NATCA Charitable Foundation’s (NCF) First Annual Step Challenge ended on Monday, Feb. 15. Thank you to everyone who participated to support NCF. We raised over $23,000 and had over 800 steppers in this challenge. Steppers walked […]

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