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U.S. Rep. Aaron Bean Tours Jacksonville Center

U.S. Rep. Aaron Bean (Fla., 4th) toured Jacksonville Center (ZJX) on Aug. 1, accompanied by his District Director Bryan Campbell and several of his constituents including American Airlines pilot Ken Byrns. The visit was facilitated by […]

U.S. Rep. David Kustoff Tours Memphis Facilities

Memphis Center (ZME) Legislative Rep. Jenna Lisi led U.S. Rep. David Kustoff (Tenn., 8th) and several members of his staff for tours of Memphis, Tenn., air traffic facilities: ZME, Memphis TRACON (M03), and Memphis ATCT (MEM). […]

Sen. Mitch McConnell Staff Visit Lexington ATCT

Staff members of Senator Mitch McConnel (Ky.) — Legislative Assistant Andrew Fisher and Legislative Correspondent Garret Edmonds — recently toured Lexington ATCT (LEX) and airport in June, with LEX FacRep Jacob Elmer facilitating the air traffic […]

U.S. Rep. Mike Collins Visits Atlanta TRACON

U.S. Rep. Mike Collins (Ga.,10th) visited Atlanta TRACON (A80) on June 28 for a tour facilitated by A80 Legislative Rep. Jefferson Bishop, accompanied by his District Manager Greg Ziesenhene and other members of his staff. The […]

Congratulations to Our Newest FacReps!

The NATCA Onboarding Committee welcomes and thanks all new NATCA leaders who have recently taken office for their terms as FacReps at their local facilities: CentralCraig De Vries (Des Moines ATCT, DSM) EasternYvonne Adesanya (Patrick Henry […]

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