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Virtual Grassroots NATCA Activism: Minnesota

Minnesota State Legislative Coordinator Mitch Becker (Minneapolis Center, ZMP) had a private Zoom meeting on Aug. 9 with Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Becker thanked her for her support of H.R. 1108 and the HEROES Act. “We talked a little […]

Virtual Grassroots NATCA Activism: Minnesota

St. Paul ATCT (STP) FacRep Jason Dresow (top right) participated in a virtual meeting with Minnesota Congresswoman Betty McCollum last week. The main topic was appropriations for fiscal year 2021 and whether the end of the current fiscal […]

Facility Highlight: Fargo, ND

Fargo has 21 bargaining unit members and is a 100% NATCA facility.  This includes 17 CPCs, 1 CPC-IT, 2 Developmentals and 1 Staff/support specialist. We are a 24 hour, Level 6 up/down with a TRSA and […]

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